Rolling With the Homies Revamped: 4 tips for planning a group trip

Planning a group trip can be such a headache. Getting a committed group together, deciding on a destination, and coordinating payments can become overwhelming. After years of trial and error, I have been able to come up with tips to plan your perfect group getaway. 

Essence Festival. Photo credit: Lindsey Killett

4 tips for planning a group trip

1. Start with inviting a big group: Cast your net wide! By inviting more people at the beginning of your planning stages helps if people drop from going on the trip. Also, be open to inviting friends of friends.

2. Set deadlines: Setting dates for travel costs and fees allows people to commit or drop out. Start with travel tickets or fees. After a few weeks request deposits for accommodation if needed. 

3. Share the planning load: Don’t feel like you have to plan every detail by yourself. Find a buddy in the group to help you pick the accommodation and/ or have the group vote on a place to stay. Also, allow the group to voice activities they would like to do. An easy way to do this is to let a different person plan a part of the trip.

4. Most importantly: HAVE FUN! Before, during, and after the trip keep the excitement alive.

Pisa, Italy. Photo credit: Lindsey Killett

Looking for a group to travel with? Here are some great options for group travel:

Travel Noire has a great community where you can not only book a trip but build relationships with fellow black travelers. 

Nomadness Travel Tribe is a platform that brings black travelers together with events across the globe. You’ll need 1 passport stamp to gain access to the group.

Groupon has all-inclusive trips where group activities give you the opportunity to meet fellow travelers. 

COVID-19 TIP: Due to COVID-19 there are several travel restrictions. If you are planning a trip at this time check out the Traveling During COVID-19 Pandemic article. I would also recommend having each person in your travel group getting tested for COVID-19 pre-trip and post-trip.

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