Black Owned Christmas Special

The holidays are here! If you are wondering what to send your friends and loved ones this is the page for you! Check out these amazing online stores and hear from some of the owners as to why they started their business.


  1. Noire Life has apparel for all ages. David’s why: “I wanted to create something for our community by someone from the community. The printing is done by a small family black-owned business. Their process is similar to the dropshipping system. This way you are helping two black businesses”
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2. Harlem Haberdashery will get you looking fresh. Their mission is to give every customer the celebrity treatment.

3. Midget Giraffe has all the unique African print designs you desire. Make a powerful statement with their items.

4. Style MYX has all the looks you want to make a statement. You’ll turn heads in any look you choose from their site.

5. Kays Kandy will have you feelin yo’self! Kayla’s why: “The inspiration behind K’s Kandy is for all women of all shapes, sizes, and colors to feel good, sexy, and beautiful! I wanted a playful Lingerie line that catered to every woman! The kandy theme was cute and playful and intended for everyone to feel like they are a sweet treat! People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how they made you feel, and that’s the goal of K’s Kandy to make every woman feel special!!”

6. Opulence will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks! Get right for your next beach trip.


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7. Raw Earth Jewelry will give you unique designs with earthly materials. Be’s why: ” The past year I’ve been highly entrepreneurial-minded, so when COVID hit, I decided that taking the leap of faith to start my business would be beneficial for both my internal peace and mind space. Plus, creating an intentional journey is a way for me to serve people in the community so it only made sense.”  

“As far as my platform is concerned, it’s something I believe I’ve kind of walked into. The great thing about having a brand called “Be” is the name literally makes room for evolution. Which is what I truly believe we all should constantly strive to do. Evolve authentically. So in a way, my purpose became my platform, and inspiring others to seek the truths I’ve found has motivated me.”

8. Tote N Carry will have you traveling in style! Why not stay fly while you travel?

9. The African Girl has you covered with the African print accessories! Whether you’re lounging at home or going out there is an accessory for you.

10. Miss Empower Her will help you celebrate your femininity with their amazing waste bands. Their mission is to empower women of all sizes.

11. Black Girls in Trader Joes will have you shopping in style. If you are looking for delicious recipes check out their IG page!

12. Kashmirviii has art for the culture. From art prints to clutches her artwork embodies black culture.


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13. Ancient Cosmetics has vegan products to take care of all your skincare needs. You will smell good and look good.

14, Kannies Kosmetics will take your skin routine to the next level. These high-quality products will have you glowing.

15. Nelly’s World Market will help you with a day of relaxation! Nelly’s World has all the things you need to rest a rejuvenate.

16. Nature’s Treat LLC will help you destress with their high-quality CBD products. Keep an eye out for their apparel line coming soon.

17. Hand-Crafted Candle Co. will have you wanting to burn candles 24/7! Safiyya’s why: “Since I was young I was always into teaching myself new crafts and really liked learning new things. So at the beginning of quarantine, I was cooped up and began looking for something I could do, possibly a creative outlet. I have always been into candles so I had seen a couple of YouTube videos on candle making so I began watching a ton and became obsessed lol. So I decided to get a little starter kit just for fun to see if I could do it and I found it relaxing and fun. So I kept buying more supplies and eventually, people kept telling me and asking me if they can buy and telling me to sell the candles. So I started really basic, created a site, and then began making sales. It’s started off as just people I knew or through word of mouth but now I get sales from anyone. It kinda happened pretty quick and I began adding different types of candles as I did more research and began to experiment and I still am learning as I go. So now it’s a fun thing I do that is not only relaxing but has also provided a little income during the instability COVID created surrounding jobs, however most of what I make I put back into it and just use it to fuel my hobby!”

18. Luxcherie enhances your beauty. Get you hair laid for the gods from her their and wig services.

19. Marcey Hair will have you whipping your hair back and forth! Marcey’s why: “I started my hairline after spending many years and a lot of money trying to find quality hair extensions! I wanted to create a brand that people knew would always prioritize quality and provide premium haircare products. Marcey Hair became just that!”

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20. Tilago provides quality journals and accessories to unload your thoughts. Tiffany’s why: “I started this business not promote the mental wellness of black people.”

21. Vashti Harrison will give you unique quality prints and art. This artist brings representation to the stationary world!

22. Cafe Con Libros has all the good reads you need. Unwind with a good book this season.


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23. Charlie Bee’s Honey will give you the high-quality honey that you need. Charlie’s why: “When COVID started, I realized that I was dependent on others for a living. I saw a random video on YouTube about a guy catching bees. I got really into it. I found a local black beekeeper”

24. 3 Some Chocolates will have you ready to indulge. You’ll want to try all of their flavors!

25. Sweet Lovable is as sweet as the name. Get your special loved one quality chocolate this season.


26. Our Place will have you ready to cook every thing. Their kitchenware is more than average!

27. That African Girl Dolls gives you handcrafted toys. Not only are these dolls unique they also give a serving of representation that our culture needs.

Happy shopping all!

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