2020: Essential & Frontline Worker Reflections

2020. This year can be its own sentence with no explanation needed. For this reason I found it hard to think of a word to describe this year. So like any millennial I took to social media and asked some followers to describe 2020 in one word: 

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Several people have expressed wanting this year to hurry up and end, but before we chuck up the deuces to 2020 let’s reflect on lessons learned from some essential and frontline workers. 

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“The lesson I have learned this year, being an essential worker, is what safety means to me. Working at a juvenile detention center as a youth counselor, safety is a huge part of my job. Whether you are trying to protect yourself and the juveniles from being harmed. or harming themselves in detention, custody, or protection from COVID. I have had the duty to protect and serve even if Covid shuts down almost everything.”

-Ceaira, Juvenile Detention Center Youth Counselor

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“One takeaway/lesson learned from this shocking year is to take time for yourself and your family. Be gentle with one another and allow Grace where it is needed. The phrase “Give your loved ones their flowers while they are alive” rings so near and dear. I am happy for the lessons of 2020 and how it allowed me to fully appreciate what I have.

-Breona’, Pediatric Ambulatory Care Nurse

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“This year has reminded me that it is important to believe in ourselves and know that our current situation is not an indication of our final destination. Before being offered both of my jobs, one doing contact tracing and the other conducting visual illness screenings for covid positive individuals at a prominent international airport, I was without a full-time job for nine months. However, God opened doors that I never even thought about when the pandemic caused the world to shut down. Needless to say, it is important to never give up on our dreams or where we want to go in the future because our setbacks don’t determine how successful we will be in the future, our perseverance and resilience does.”

-Tieisha, Contact Tracing and Analyst Public Health and Social Work Professional 

A lot of bad things happened this year. But I challenge you to focus on what good did happen this year. 2020 ending doesn’t mean that all the problems in the world will be solved. But we do have the opportunity to to embrace a new year and pray for change in our lives and the world. 

Thank you for reading and I wish you and yours a happy healthy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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