Holiday Cheer – Budget Friendly Décor Ideas

This year, 2020, has been difficult for many, if not all of us. There seem to have been more experiences of fright and fear than cheer. I wanted to do what I could, in my power, to go into the new year with optimism so I took a little more care this year to decorate my living space.

Taking time to be creative also got me out of my own head where doom and gloom seem to be lying in the recesses attempting to take me out of my typical joyful disposition. If artsy is not really your thing, I do believe that some of these really cool DIY’s would even persuade you to try them.

Mums the Word

I took a little time to create a little curb appeal for Fall which included adding some gorgeous tri-colored mums to mine and my neighbor’s stair. I wasn’t exactly ready to get rid of them just because it was Christmastime and to be honest, they still were thriving. I had a brainy idea to spray paint them a metallic silver in order to transition them for the sparkle of the holiday season. I purchased the mums at a farmer’s market for around $6 each and the spray paint for $8 each. In this case, I only used one can of spray paint – I originally planned to make the mums fully metallic but ended up liking the “snowed on” look. If you want more of a sparkle, use 2-3 cans of spray paint.

Fancified Foliage

This décor idea happened somewhat by accident. I was doing some tree light shopping with my cousin who is an artist and she convinced me to do a little fun project to spray paint some tree branches and pine cones to add a little natural pizzazz within our home décor. I decided to add these natural elements to some faux flowers and vases that my mom gifted me last season. Essentially, this project was free for me however, the cost would be $20 or less. The cost breakdown would be approximately, $8 for spray paint plus the cost for flowers and vases which you can purchase at the Dollar Store. A pro-tip is to purchase flowers at the end of each season which are often on clearance for as low as .25 this way you have items for DIY pop-up projects.

Flashy Florets

For this project, I used a larger vase that I already own – you can get something similar from the Dollar Store. I also used the leftover faux flowers, painted tree branches and pinecones from the other project and added battery operated lights. I purchased the lights from Target for $5. You will want to arrange the lights in the large vase first so that you can easily place the pinecones, branches and flowers without getting them tangled.

I truly enjoyed these simple, inexpensive DIY projects and I hope that these give you some ideas to add a little extra cheer to your living space.

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