Apples & Oranges

Growing up, one of my favorite holidays was Christmas. Not only because of the gifts, and hanging with my cousins at granny’s house, there was a special tradition that I longed for. In the town that I grew up in, on Christmas Eve, the local fire department would drive through the neighborhoods and a guy dressed like Santa would give out a bag with a couple of apples and oranges in it. They were some of the best fruit I have ever tasted but there was a difference. You see apples (depending on what kind of apple) have a distinct taste, sometimes tart, in other cases, sweet. With oranges, it’s usually a hit or miss taste, they’re either sour or sweet. The two fruit are definitely not the same.

In the same aspect, when discussing crimes within the boundaries of race, we as a society tend to examine more than the evidence and motives, we look at the surface of all those involved also known as race, skin color, complexion, etc. A couple of weeks ago, in Wilson, North Carolina, a 5-year-old named Cannon was murdered by his neighbor, Darius, a 25-year-old man. The story quickly became a hot topic in the media due to race; Cannon was white and Darius was black, Although, Darius was arrested, charged, and now waiting for the protocol of justice to take place, some people felt this was a time to question why there wasn’t any riots or civil unrest.

Even if you have already heard it before, hear this again, his killer was identified and arrested. Breonna Taylor’s killers are still roaming the streets, eating dinners with their families, and probably disobeying social distancing guidelines.

Whether or not an African-American is proven innocent or guilty, society and the justice system treats us significantly different from white Americans. And yes, I agree that the slaying of this child is tragic and sad but we shall not compare this to the tragedies of the many black people who have been murdered and no one has been brought to justice yet even when identified.

On a final note, not to sound rude, but in response to those who thought black folks should have been protesting for Cannon, we the black people are fighting enough plagues in our own community to be standing out to help others fight especially when no one was there to help us in our many battles.


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