The Damala Digital Experience

I’m sorry to point out the obvious and use the tired adage that the ‘ponderosa’ changed everything, but I have to say it. The ‘penny pack’ changed everything! Especially how we’ve connected with our significant others, both romantic and platonic. Once lockdowns, shutdowns, and quarantines happened, gathering in public places, brunching with the girls and date nights ceased to be safe and practical options for connection and we’ve had to become creative to keep the sparks alive. Then, enters Damala Digital (DD) in the fall and changed the quarantine dating game from her Zoom stage.

Damala Digital is a virtual date night experience where couples or groups can be serenaded by the smooth and sultry Philly-based artist, Damala LaVette. In its first iteration, DD was an online date night experience for one couple. However, as the ‘pedantic’ sustained, DD evolved to fit the social needs of more clients. For example, Damala has hosted double date nights, girls’ nights in, and bachelorette parties. I attended a girl’s night in with my sista circle and it was a dope virtual jazz club vibe. We were able to groove out, sipping libations and partaking in other extracurriculars *wink face* all from our living rooms in different cities and time zones. One friend was even in London! 

Damala Digital offers an intimate experience without requiring immediate proximity.

A beautiful thing about Damala Digital is that the show is completely customizable. Guests can choose a prepared setlist or choose a plethora of songs from her catalog. So, if the sweet RnB love ballads don’t quite fit your mood, you can vibe out to a ‘Chillin with my Girls’ playlist. DD guests can pick their level of interaction with the host. Based on the guest’s preference, she will be highly interactive and chat between songs, she can have her camera off, or guests can have their cameras off while Damala becomes the soundtrack to their very intimate bubble. Guests can request Damala recite a certain script, wear a certain color, or make sure to have a certain bottle of wine on display. The show length is a minimum of 25 minutes, but guests can request longer times as well. Ultimately, Damala really wants her guest to have the best and most unique experience she can provide.

Another beautiful thing about Damala Digital is the singer herself. She is a talented artist with years of training that provides her with the vocal range to do it all. In our interview she stated that she was classically trained in her youth, learning to use her naturally full and loud instrument, like an opera singer such as Marian Anderson. She went on to get into musicals and chorus singing, which offered her the opportunity to tour Europe in high school. Now, Damala’s shared that her musical influences are Ms. Janet Jackson, Anita Baker, Jasmine Sullivan, Brandy, and Toni Braxton. Toni is particularly inspiring because of her use of lower register which also comes naturally to Damala. However, don’t be fooled, sis can hit those high notes when she feels the need, okay?! Damala describes her onstage persona as sweet, sultry, chill, and smooth giving Jill Scoot mixed with Ari Lennox vibes.

All in all, Damala Digital is a dope experience and has the potential to shoot the same sake’s star to the sky. Like everyone one, ‘panda express’ life hit hard for a spell and Damala Digital took a hiatus. But follow the artist’s Instagram for show updates so when you and your boo, bae, or besties are looking for a dope night at home you can tap into the Damala Digital experience and get your whole life.

Instagram: @Damala.LaVette



  1. This woman is phenomenal! Not only is she my niece, but she is a star! She did a Damala digital for me and it was amazing! It was my husbands Bday and it was like we were at a live concert! We had an romantic atmosphere where she told us to light candles and everything!. I can’t wait till our anniversary, This is great during this crazy times during the pandemic, just set up an appointment with Damala digital, right in the comfort of your own home! You won’t regret it! Her voice will sooth the hearts of your soul and tickle your toes. Yours truly Aunt Ressa

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