The Vaccine Hunt: Access is not equal

At the end of the article, please share vaccine resources in your area in the comment section.

The vaccine is finally here! With outside opening and the vaccine free for everybody, COVID is over right? Not exactly. For many people finding an appointment for the vaccine has been a job in itself. Health care access has been a problem in the United States before the pandemic. Adding the testing and vaccine campaigns to an already stressed industry has been one of the reasons for the prolonged COVID 19 outbreaks. Some regions of the country have rolled out the vaccine better than others. As the government and healthcare system play catch up with creating programs to ensure that every American has access to the vaccine community members have taken it upon themselves to help people sign up for appointments. 

To join in with community efforts this article will share resources from my appointment hunting experience and share specific resources for vaccine appointments in NY. I invite those not in NY to share resources in the comments. 

Social media: Twitter has a great source for finding appointments in real-time. There are several pages that give real-time alerts about when and where appointments are available. 

  • Pages to follow in NY:  @ny_covid, @nyvaccine, and @nycshotsslots

State and local city health departments: Most health departments have hotlines and/or a website that people may use to schedule an appointment or find a location in their community. 

-Email/ phone subscriptions: There are websites that will contact you when an appointment becomes available in your area.

To join in the effort of increasing access in your community you may help your family, friends, and neighbors signup for. Just remember to wear your mask and remain 6ft apart as you help! 

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