Momma You Know I Love you


My appreciation for you came at my innocent’s expense, and goes far beyond the words that proceed. Our love for one another has transformed over my entire life span. In so many ways, I watched you bloom into a radiant queen as I myself was blooming.  I feel that a lot of young mothers don’t get the affirmations of praise that they deserve. But I want to make sure that I give you yours from now until forever.

Our road back to mother and son was filled with uncertainty, and I honestly was scared

You also gave me peace. Ever so often I see you look at me and before you can apologize for what we used to be, I quickly remind you that, “you did the best you had with what you were equipped with.”  Even in my tears, your everything was always enough for me. Thank you.

You gave me hope. I see a twinkle in your eyes as the tears well up knowing you wish our past was different and I want to assure you that our past doesn’t concern me. It is our future together that I am cherishing and focused on. Thank you.

You gave me courage. I’ve watched you at war with romantic love, religion, family, friends, loneliness, and death. Through it all you were somehow still selfless. Thank you.

You instilled in me tenacity. I’ve watched you encounter loss after loss, and even when the world took from you, you gave. Thank you.

You gave me a will to succeed. I have watched you fail, learn, and then fail again. No matter how much you’ve failed, you never gave up. Thank you.

Everything that I am today, is because of you. The most important gift that you have given me is a chance…. The chance to be imperfect, the chance to be alone, the chance to come home, the chance to leave, the chance to be stubborn, the chance to find out, the chance to come in from the world and rest. You gave me the things that the world didn’t give you. Thank you.

You deserve so much more than just a day.
Your Son

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