January 17, 2022

Noire Life Curators

Kelcey Adams <br><em>Noire Curator</em> <br>(Charlotte Correspondent)
Kelcey Adams
Noire Curator
(Charlotte Correspondent)

Instagram: @xokelzz

Kelcey’s Bio

Born and raised in Gastonia, North Carolina, Kelcey has always had a soft spot for different cultures, books, and writing. Between the various fan fiction sites she frequented and posted on as a teenager, to the fiction writing classes she took during her undergraduate years at East Carolina University, writing has always been her passion. Her love of writing was inspired by a love of books that she developed early on. Kelcey firmly believes that unfettered access to books can inspire any person, adults and children alike, to live out their dreams no matter their circumstances. During her senior year of college she studied abroad which unlocked an entirely new world for both her and her imagination. As a result, she has dubbed herself an avid-traveler and has since lived in two countries outside of the United States. One being the United Kingdom where she studied for her master’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of Roehampton, and the other South Korea where she worked as a foreign language teacher at a private academy. When she’s not busy writing, traveling, or binging K-Dramas, you can catch her surrounded by books at her local library where she spends her days working as a branch assistant.

David Chaney, Jr. <br><em>Founder/Creative Director</em>
David Chaney, Jr.
Founder/Creative Director


David’s Bio

For the last 10 years, I have spent my career giving back to the community as an advocate or educator. My passion for giving back started during my childhood in Enfield, North Carolina when my parents volunteered me for community service projects. As far as I can remember, I did not aspire to be an educator, I wanted to be a doctor, specifically an oncologist. This changed in high school when I fell in love with storytelling and writing, in other words, journalism.

During my time in college at East Carolina University, I worked as radio personality for WZMB 91.3 FM. I had the amazing opportunity to learn about print and broadcast journalism while taking classes and completing projects. Although challenging, I knew it was something that I could see myself doing in the future.

Fast forward to 2020, after living in Philadelphia for 7 years, I decided to rekindle that passion I had for writing. It started out as an idea to write a personal blog and maybe record a few podcasts but then I received a call from a dear friend and mentor to aim for more. Within two weeks of this phone conversation, Noire Life Magazine was born. 

Noire Life Magazine was created to celebrate the diversity within the Black community and culture. Unlike other blogs or publications, I wanted to create a space to honor those on the grassroots level doing the work to better our community. We are more than a magazine, we are a movement creating space for Black creativity, culture and community. Stay tuned, we are just beginning…..

YaLanda "Yaya" Davis <br><em>Noire Curator</em><br>(Raleigh/Durham Correspondent)
YaLanda “Yaya” Davis
Noire Curator
(Raleigh/Durham Correspondent)


Yaya’s Bio

A mother first and proud North Carolina native, my love of writing began as a child and has continued into adulthood with just as much vigor. I am a graduate of East Carolina University where I received my B.A. in Communication with a concentration in Journalism and minor in English. My primary efforts have been on creative writing but lately the path towards social justice seems to be my calling. Most of my professional career was centered around broadcasting with a focus on educational efforts. 

Outside of writing, I am an avid music lover and have an infatuation with literature that reaches into the depths of nerdy territory. I firmly believe in the vision of Noire and am looking forward to sharing this journey with our knowledgeable team and all of our wonderful readers.

Schollar The Artist<br><em>LGBTQ</em>+ <em>Curator</em><br>(Houston Correspondent)
Schollar The Artist
LGBTQ+ Curator
(Houston Correspondent)

Instagram: @schollartheartist

Schollar’s Bio

Schollar The Artist was born in Germany to military parents. Raised in the Midwest, he always found a way to create. When his parents took notice, they first placed him in dance classes. He would later become assistant director of a youth dance program teaching extra curricular in the St. Louis metropolitan area. His educational background includes degrees in Graphic design and science. His love for art has allowed him to travel the country collecting different means to create.  His life purpose is to bring light where there is darkness. He believes in practicing social kindness in order to elevate the positive vibrations of self.  A lover of music, Schollar T.A. believes that music heals; and so he utilizes his musical knowledge to express his feelings to the world. 

Laurese Harper <br><em>Noire Curator</em><br>(Philadelphia Correspondent)
Laurese Harper
Noire Curator
(Philadelphia Correspondent)

Instagram: @odd_gal_in

Laurese’s Bio

Laurese is a Philadelphia native who enjoys spending her free time basking in the sun, traveling, serving at her church, expanding her skills as a MUE (Make-Up Enthusiast) and indulging in other creative outlets. She practices the art of MST (Master Smack Talking), on her family and friends daily, as she is dedicated in crafting superior level sarcasm. Understanding the importance of leaving a positive mark on the generations that follow, she has worked as an Educator to help expand post-secondary opportunities for Philadelphia youth. 

With a goal in mind to save the world, Laurese earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters of Education in Counseling and Higher Education from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. It became clear that saving the world was not a feat she could take on solo, she decided to hang up her cape and work alongside others who are also change-makers – taking up causes to fight against injustice, creating programs for youth, life coaching and sharing the message that Black is beautiful.

Lindsey K. Osagiede<br><em>Public Health Curator</em><br>(New York City Correspondent)
Lindsey K. Osagiede
Public Health Curator
(New York City Correspondent)

Instagram: @killingitlk

Lindsey’s Bio

Lindsey Killett is a public health professional specializing in infectious disease and human rights. She is a Fayetteville, North Carolina native living and working in New York City. 

Lindsey has loved traveling since she was five years old. The travel bug officially bit her when she went to Australia for a high school leadership program. Her public health career began at East Carolina University where she received her BS in public health and studied geography in Oulu, Finland. After her studies she served a year in AmeriCorps as a chronic disease program specialist in New York. Recognizing her love for working in multicultural settings, Lindsey decided to pursue her masters at New York University in the Global Public Health program. During her studies she was able to travel to Italy and the Ukraine and intern with Doctors Without Borders. She also served as Executive Director for the Health and Human Rights association. 

Since graduating Lindsey has completed a fellowship in rural Nepal, volunteered with the Red Cross during Hurricane Florence relief, and served the NYC homeless community as a case manager. Currently she is a contractor for the COVID-19 pandemic response. Lindsey has a lifetime goal of improving healthcare access for all. In her free time, Lindsey enjoys traveling, teaching, and is an avid foodie.

Radames Lillo <br><em>Afro Latin</em>x <em>Curator</em><br>(Philadelphia Correspondent)
Radames Lillo
Afro Latinx Curator
(Philadelphia Correspondent)


Radames Bio

Radames was born and raised in North Philadelphia. Radames is Puerto Rican. At 5 years old,  Radames’ parents got a divorce, and from that time on, he and his brother grew up in a single  parent household.  

Radames attended West Catholic High School in West Philly. During his time at West Catholic,  Radames and his cousin, along with some friends, formed the school’s first latin dance team,  dancing bachata, salsa, & merengue, performing in multiple venues throughout the city.  

During high school, Radames shared a room with another cousin, Mario. Mario is an artist  specializing in comic book art. One evening, running low on ideas to draw, Mario challenged  him to write a short story for Mario to draw. That’s when Radames found his passion for writing  and hasn’t stopped since. Early in 2020, Radames launched his first comic book story “The  Cuco” through Legacy Comics in their Legacy Presents Horror anthology.  

Radames’ mother had worked for Temple University for 10 years before being let go during the  2008 recession. Picking herself back up, she started working for a foster care agency, where  she would meet two siblings, a girl and boy, whom she would fall in love with and adopt.  Radames takes pride in helping take care of his adopted siblings.  

At 20 years old, Radames started his first business, a marketing company he now runs with his  wife, Jasmine. Together, they look to impact latino and black communities. 

As he expands his writing career, Radames looks to be a beacon of creativity, bringing  exposure and representation to latino and black stories, whether it be real individuals,  businesses or events, or it be a fictional story, comic, movie or series.

Keona Prude<br><em>Social Media Curator</em><br><em>Sunday Feature Curator</em><br>(SC Correspondent)
Keona Prude
Social Media Curator
Sunday Feature Curator
(SC Correspondent)

Instagram: @lasuzie_dbougie

Keona’s Bio

Keona Nicole (she/her) is a full-time mom, student, writer, poet, researcher, communications specialist and cheer coach based in Anderson, SC. She serves as the Development & Capacity Building Coordinator for Pride Link, a nonprofit which aims to improve the quality of life for LGBTQ+ folk. Originally from Compton, CA, Keona currently resides in Anderson, SC. Keona has a bachelor of arts degree in journalism and master of arts degree in media management- public relations, both from Norfolk State University. She is a doctoral candidate at Walden University for a PhD in human services with a concentration in family studies and intervention strategies. She is also a volunteer newsletter content writer for a nonprofit called Pretty Women Pray Not Prey. During her free time she likes to cook, read, write poetry, play with her kids, go on dates with her partner, travel, and watch documentaries. Keona is passionate about writing and communicating, which she often uses to connect with other people and break barriers.

Mary Muse <br><em>FM Sounds Program Director</em><br><em>Music Curator</em><br>(Philadelphia Correspondent)
Mary Muse
FM Sounds Program Director
Music Curator
(Philadelphia Correspondent)


Mary’s Bio

“Uptown Mary”, who was homegrown in Mt.Airy, currently hosts a five (5) hour Satellite Radio Show, reaching a Worldwide audience, on “www.PhillyGoFlow.com”; every Thursday and Sunday Night from 9pm – 2am. 

Uptown Mary from Mt. Airy is: a jazz flutist, who began playing Jazz, in Uptown’s own “Stenton Teenage Jazz Band”, under the tutelage of many Local & International Jazz Greats! Mr. Tony Williams (Saxophonist), Grover Washington, Jr., Pieces of A Dream, Dizzy Gillespie, Bootsie Barnes, Sonny Hoxter, and Rufus Harley (World’s Only Jazz Bagpipe Player), just to name a few. Mary still performs at local churches and venues, occasionally enjoying a throwback moment or two. Recently, she shared the stage with Jean Carne and Norman Conners; during memorial services for a dear business associate, at The Philadelphia Clef Club, in 2019. 

Also affectionately known as Mt. Airy Mary, having birthed (7), YES SEVEN, phenomenal children, Community focus and business relations are Uptown Mary’s true loves. As an active associate of “The Black Professional’s Network”, founded by Mr. Earl Harvey, Mary enjoys Community Service; Nutritional Coaching; catering and volunteering efforts to support the growth of Black and Local Businesses. Her service within other Community groups, embrace groups, such as: “Your AOK Foundation” (established by Yani William’s); The ECO Foundation (founded by J.R Kyle Morris); and North Central Victim Services (as a Board Member, alongside David Chaney, Sr.). Most of all, “Uptown Mary, from Mt. Airy”, brings people together, with: serene sounds, great food, angelic ambiance, stimulating conversation and moments.

Mynesha Whyte <br><em>Mental Health Curator</em><br>(California Correspondent)
Mynesha Whyte
Mental Health Curator
(California Correspondent)

Instagram: @notyournesha

Mynesha’s Bio

Mynesha was born and bred in South Central Los Angeles. As a bonafide California girl, she thrives in the sun and is miserable when the temperature drops below 65 degrees. She is a Mexican food enthusiast and believes no one west of California that says, “I know the best place to get tacos.” Trust her, it’s not as good as California’s. Mynesha started dancing at age 14 and dance has remained her true love because it’s where she’s learned most about herself and feels most at home. She has begrudgingly tolerated Philly winters since 2013, when she moved for grad school. She graduated from Drexel University with a MA in Dance/movement therapy and Counseling in 2015. And before you ask, dance/movement therapy it is not teaching dance or being a physical therapist for dancers. Mynesha welcomes conversations with folx that want to know more about that work. She became co-leader of Black MAGIC, an affinity group within the American Dance Therapy Association, that supports the lives and work of Black dance/movement therapists. Mynesha serves as Guest Services Director at Epic Church, Northern Liberties. She believes serving and caring for others is God’s calling on her life and is always the mama or the auntie in the group. She believes in being her most authentic self and believes authenticity is vital to being an impactful therapist, healer, and human. She is passionate about social justice, BIPOC mental health awareness, de-centralizing European values in all aspects of life, and Jesus.

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