December 1, 2022

Stories of Noire (cont’d)

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Tired of Being Tired

We are all tired. We are tired of dealing with the trauma of what it is to be black in a nation that your ancestors help build but still openly shows its disdain for us just because of our existence.

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Returning To Our Roots

Even before food prices began to climb, there was a steadily growing community of African Americans that were seeking to return to the agricultural roots of our Ancestors. They are intentionally leaning on the self-reliance that being connected to the

Practice Makes Perfect: The Dance of White Anti-Racism

I work as a diversity, equity, and inclusion manager at a predominately white company. I’ve come to this work by way of advocating for and creating space in the predominately white dance/movement therapy world. I got to dance/movement therapy by

Things They Don’t Teach Us

School taught me so much, and I appreciate everyone of my teachers, but school never taught me about my own people. This year I made a decision to learn more about my own culture, my own people’s history, and the

Dear Middle School

On August 17th, 2021, I released my 11-year-old Black son to your halls. This is a first for me. My motherly habits have been in overdrive as worry and concern take over my being. My appreciation for all that you

Grace to Cancel the Cancel Culture

Grace is the love of God shown to the unlovely; the peace of God given to the restless; the unmerited favor of God. –Anonymous Grace to Cancel the Cancel Culture Cancel culture has become a popular theme in our present

Emmett Till Gets a Feature Film

The horrifying and historical significant death of Emmett Till is being turned into a feature film. Writer and director, Chinonye Chukwu, will take on the task of tackling the complexity of Till’s death and the subsequent events of Till’s mother

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What Society Said

“Society did not know that I was not counted out.” -Keona Nicole As a Black girl, born in South Central Los Angeles and raised in Compton, CA, I was already systematically counted out. Why? Because society said so. Society told

New Heights

Pacencia y Fe, but we’re rising to new heights now and we’re not looking back. In the Heights brings so much representation to the screen, but if we can have a real conversation, don’t make this movie our only reference

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I’m So Proud Of You.

Dear Reader, I would like to think that Pride month isn’t meant for us to solely take pride in ourselves. Instead, I like to think that it is a time to show how proud we are of one another; and


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