January 17, 2022

Stories of Noire (cont’d)

Dear Middle School

On August 17th, 2021, I released my 11-year-old Black son to your halls. This is a first for me. My motherly habits have been in overdrive as worry and concern take over my being. My appreciation for all that you

Grace to Cancel the Cancel Culture

Grace is the love of God shown to the unlovely; the peace of God given to the restless; the unmerited favor of God. –Anonymous Grace to Cancel the Cancel Culture Cancel culture has become a popular theme in our present

Emmett Till Gets a Feature Film

The horrifying and historical significant death of Emmett Till is being turned into a feature film. Writer and director, Chinonye Chukwu, will take on the task of tackling the complexity of Till’s death and the subsequent events of Till’s mother

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What Society Said

“Society did not know that I was not counted out.” -Keona Nicole As a Black girl, born in South Central Los Angeles and raised in Compton, CA, I was already systematically counted out. Why? Because society said so. Society told

New Heights

Pacencia y Fe, but we’re rising to new heights now and we’re not looking back. In the Heights brings so much representation to the screen, but if we can have a real conversation, don’t make this movie our only reference

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I’m So Proud Of You.

Dear Reader, I would like to think that Pride month isn’t meant for us to solely take pride in ourselves. Instead, I like to think that it is a time to show how proud we are of one another; and

WTF North Carolina?

Once again my home state of North Carolina is back in the news for its unfair and unjust treatment of black folks. We recently made international headlines for the murder of Mr. Andrew Brown Jr. by sheriff’s deputies in Elizabeth

Dear Future Baby-Daddy – A Poem

I’ve been blessed to see what Agape looks like through the actions of paternal figures in my life. This love doesn’t seek reward but lifts up and produces its own return. This love is deep-seeded in kindness, reciprocity, grace and

To My Roc- Mr. Killett

To the father that prays. To the father that took me to every church event. To the father that would drive me around. To the father that pushed me to get ice cream. To the father that motivated me in

If This World Were Mine

“A father should be a son’s first hero, and a daughter’s first love,” (author unknown). In the Black community, we tend to place more emphasis on Mother’s Day in comparison to Father’s Day. But growing up, Father’s Day was what


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